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Saturday, 13 December 2014

Facial brush

Product Details:
Get cleaner, clearer, and fairer skin with the 4-in-1 Power Perfect Pore Facial Kit. 

Comes with four separate attachments for all your facial needs and all of them fits in a neat little package that makes it portable and easy to use and replace. 

If you're in search of a cheap & convenient facial programme, this new facial kit will serve your needs. 

Get it now and start rejuvenating your face!

Water filling for mist function

Remove rubber cap at the back unit and fill water into the container
Close the cap then press the mist button (square button).  No interchangeable head is required for the mist function.
For best results, use the device after a bath or after washing your face with warm water.
Choose the detachable head of your choice, plug into the main unit, make sure it is firmly locked.

Exfoliation - Apply exfoliating product to face.  Use the exfoliating brush to apply to skin in a continuous motion.  Rinse thoroughly.
Cleansing - Apply cleanser to face.  Use the cleaning sponge in a circular motion to work the cleanser around your face.  Rinse thoroughly.
Suction - The suction cup is targeted for problematic areas on your face, such as blackheads.  Visibly remove blackheads through suction.
Massager - The massager can be use for face relaxation, contouring or even to help with absorption of serum.  Apply serum, cream or moisturizer to face to lubricate.  Move the massaging attachment around your face in a a gentle, continuous motion.


Do not use over infected or inflamed areas, especially if there is skin eruption
Do not use face suction cup over the same spot for over 10 seconds
Remove all batteries after use
Only the interchangeable heads can be washed in water.  Clean the main unit with a dry cloth or tissue paper - do not wet.

What's in the box:
1 x Main facial unit
1 x Exfoliation brush
1 x Cleaning sponge
1 x Face suction cup
1 x Contour massager
1 x Holding stand

Harga rm30( tidak termasuk Wang pos)

Kod : RAB 8611

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