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Saturday, 13 December 2014

Chocolate foundue fountain

Dimension: 14.5cm (D) x 21.5cm (H)
Weight: 800g
Material: Heat-resistant ABS and stainless steel bowl
Color: Brown
Power: 220V – 240V
Voltage: 50Hz / 65W
Built-in heater and motor heats and mixes chocolate
Detachable parts for easy cleaning and storage
Comes with 2-pin plug

Tips and recommendations:
Before replenishing the fountain, ensure that the new batch of chocolate is preheated for better flow.
Never use a chocolate fountain outdoors as you do not want your chocolate to collect dust particles or be blown away by the wind.
Chocolate hardens when cooled, so it is best to clean up the fountain right after the party by dismantling the tiers and washing them with soapy hot water.

Harga: rm55
(Tidak termasuk Wang pos)

Kod: RAB 8610

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